We provide stunning software for broadcast equipment. Tested in live events, our products are rock solid, low cost solutions running on iPad and iPhone.

HyperSlow for iOS

A powerful instant replay solution for one HyperDeck or an array of Hyperdecks. Suitable for live sports events of all kinds, supports up to 4 HyperDecks.

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NEW: HyperSlow version 3.0 is out now, featuring Highlight cut, jump to timecode button and ATEM switcher software 8.02 compatibility.

HyperSynchron for iOS

Control up to 16 HyperDecks at a glance

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NEW: HyperSynchron version 2.01 is out now, contains bugfixes for disk list.


Connect your broadcast team with ATEM tally information, team chat messenger and live scheduler. Worldwide via ethernet, wifi or 4G/5G

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LiveSkills is dedicated to combine the power of broadcast equipment with the ease of use and the mobility of iOS devices. We have a long history in both, software development for iOS and macOS as well as broadcasting events to a worldwide audience. Our products have already proven their practicality in many live events and offer a low-cost, reliable and satisfying solution.

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